"The OHS Environmental & Quality Integrated Management System"

Integrated Dashboard Systems

Innovating with a
Digital Mindset

We are a boutique digital transformation consultancy and development company.

Multiple businesses across Australia and the world use Desert Software, which started in 2015 Melbourne Australia. We started as projects to meet OHS requirements. Now we are the leading OHS Apps & Dashboard software provider, producing thousands of PDF files a day. We are for all types of businesses, creating innovative products that empower customers to grow.

Software Development

Collaboration & Productivity Software Development

Desert Software specialise in bespoke digital solutions for brands of all sizes.

OHS Management Systems

OHS Integrated Management Systems

Apps integrated with Dashboard allow managers to track the completion of OHS requirements.

IT Services

IT Management & Security Solutions

Resolve potential issues with monitoring and maintenance of your devices and network.


We Provide Flexible
IT Services

Multiple enterprises and established brands trust our IT skills and software development.

Desert Software provide customizable hybrid IT packages, allowing you to choose from a variety of cloud and on-site solutions. We help integrate hybrid architectures into your business strategy and securely migrate workloads to encrypted cloud-based platforms.

We deliver awesome customer service with great visibility and central control in dealing with IT security and management issues to ensure that no downtime is suffered for IT folks, end users and stakeholders.

Desert Software

Paperless & Efficient Work Environment

Days of chasing paper trails are gone by using our integrated apps & dashboards.

With the Desert Software Apps & dashboard systems information is freely available at your fingertips. In fact completed on site with real time recordings, submissions are now easy, forms convert to PDF and sent to email and your IMS dashboard. Filing no longer needed, this system is not only affordable but succinct and direct.